Our Restaurant

The ambiance and charm of Piccola Mia are the work of Michael Malapert, a renowned architect. His design talents have transformed the space into an elegant and welcoming place, where every detail contributes to your comfort and pleasure.

His bold interior and quirky decor make Piccola Mia a place where one feels both cool and cozy.

The food

At Piccola Mia, we believe that the true magic of Italian cuisine lies in the exceptional quality of its ingredients, and we strive to honor it at every moment.

To ensure the quality of our products, we work with trusted suppliers. Each product is carefully selected, from organic Italian tomatoes to cheeses from Tuscany and Lombardy.

Every dish is prepared with care, our pasta is delicious, the sauces are concocted according to recipes passed down through generations, and our pizzas are cooked in our superb Italian oven for an authentic flavor.

Our Cocktails

Our cocktail bar by the Alchemist Matthias Giroud continues to shine even after the sunset.

Let yourself be carried away by his unique and delicious creations or by revisited classics that will transport you directly to the starry Sicilian nights.

A journey to Sicily

The collection A Journey to Sicily, imagined by Matthias Giroud, drew its inspiration from a famous Sicilian legend.

La Testa di Moro is a traditional Sicilian pot used for growing aromatic herbs, inspired by a tragic love story from the 11th century.

A solitary young girl, seduced and then betrayed by a Moor, kills him and plants basil on his severed head to continue taking care of him as her king. This story inspired the creation of the pots shaped like the Moor’s head, popular for decorating balconies in Sicily.

Super Club

The Super Club is where the Italian night comes alive to offer you an unforgettable nocturnal experience.

Our DJs create a musical atmosphere that will have you dancing until the wee hours of the morning in the intimate setting of our Super Club.

Ideal for celebrating special occasions, hosting private parties, or simply enjoying an unforgettable evening with friends. You can privatize this space to create lasting memories with your loved ones.