Piccola Mia, the haven of dolce vita in the heart of Paris!
Chef Denny Imbroisi invites you to a true Italian feast, pizza chef Julien Serri unleashes flavors, while mixologist Matthias Giroud concocts magical cocktails. Dive into a unique gastronomic experience, between tradition and boldness.

Our Italian Brasserie isn’t one to play the card of ordinary pizza. Our chefs take you on an Italian culinary journey at any time of the day with our non-stop service!

From pasta from Campania to pizzas cooked in our magnificent Italian oven, each dish bears the signature of their creativity and expertise.

Discover our delicious daily specials inspired by traditional recipes from all over Italy, imagined by our chef Daniele Ferro.

Super Club

Under the charm of ‘Piccola Mia,’ lies an even more enchanting world. Welcome to the Super Club, our hidden gem. Get ready to experience unforgettable starry nights in a Disco Funk atmosphere.

To reserve a private evening or simply join the party, contact us and let the magic happen.